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Memory usage capping

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July 22, 2002 8:22:31 PM


I use 2 512 sticks of corsair 2700 DDR memmory and am an intensive gammer.

I have noticed in my Windows Task Manager that my MEM usage always caps around 440000k out of 2522904k.

That means im not even using 20% of my memmory.

Is there a windows feature that is making it so my memory can not reasch its maximum?

Running on a gigabyte 7VRXP mobo, Athlon XP1900, new hard drive, geforce4ti4600, on windows 2000 professional.

Thanks for any help!

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July 23, 2002 12:59:08 AM

the lower the memory usage the better, other wise, your systemw will be hogging the resources all the time
July 23, 2002 1:29:52 AM

Windows only will use what it needs. Since you have so much it apparently only needs 20% of it. Gaming will tax the CPU and video card, well sometimes, but only rarely uses system RAM (mainly when yer GPU sucks total ass). But with a good video card it will barely ever tap into yer RAM resources. I only use 256MB of PC2100 DDR (OC'ed to 290MHz) and have a GF4 Ti4200 (OC'ed to 4600) and I never get slow downs, and XP only uses like 80-85% of my mem and I play max payne, GTA 3, etc at very agressive settings.

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