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I use 2 512 sticks of corsair 2700 DDR memmory and am an intensive gammer.

I have noticed in my Windows Task Manager that my MEM usage always caps around 440000k out of 2522904k.

That means im not even using 20% of my memmory.

Is there a windows feature that is making it so my memory can not reasch its maximum?

Running on a gigabyte 7VRXP mobo, Athlon XP1900, new hard drive, geforce4ti4600, on windows 2000 professional.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. the lower the memory usage the better, other wise, your systemw will be hogging the resources all the time
  2. Windows only will use what it needs. Since you have so much it apparently only needs 20% of it. Gaming will tax the CPU and video card, well sometimes, but only rarely uses system RAM (mainly when yer GPU sucks total ass). But with a good video card it will barely ever tap into yer RAM resources. I only use 256MB of PC2100 DDR (OC'ed to 290MHz) and have a GF4 Ti4200 (OC'ed to 4600) and I never get slow downs, and XP only uses like 80-85% of my mem and I play max payne, GTA 3, etc at very agressive settings.

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