Alternitives to comcast cable VoIP modem

We have at home the triple play from Comcast,
We are paying additional $7 for modem rental, in 2 years we spent more then $170... (with tax)
I would like to buy good VoIP modem + broadband internet modem to replace the Comcast RSA modem
All threads I found don't have specific modem model,

I found the same RCA modem on Ebay for $34 should i get it or should i buy something more advanced?
Any Specific modem model?
Thank you guys.
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  1. I would take a look at the approved modem list from Comcast first and see what one of those would run you and shop on from there.

    I don't believe getting something 'more advanced' would be of much benefit.

    Check out this page for information on comcast's approved modems.
  2. Thank you, I decided to get exact same one from Ebay:

    If it will work OK it will return the investment within 6 months :D
  3. Not bad, hope it works well.
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