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I have the motorola cable, latest mobile phone tools software v300, Outlook
2003. Win XP, USB cable..

Everything installed and ran fine. I set the sync software to always
prefer to use outlook values in case of conflict.

I synced with outlook and the calendar antries all appeared on the mobile


Now I modified one of the calendar entries on the mobile phone - just
changed the text a little.


The entry then disappeared from outlook!

Now the interesting thing.

I cleared the entries from the phone, set up the calendar entry again,
re-synced. Now the phone shows two entries on that day. Basically the
entry hadn't been deleted from outlook, just made invisible.

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    More on this

    The enty that disappeared from the calendar is still there if I change to a
    tabular view of the diary. If I edit the entry and save it, it reappears in
    the normal calendar view.

    However next time I go to the celndar view it has gone again.

    In other words all screwed up. This is quite a bad bug - I hope motorola can
    fix it! I use my phone as personal organiser while I am out and the sync
    feature is really important to me.

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    Just letting you know that you are not alone. I have been working with
    this bug for about a month, just clicking on '31 day' view, then
    selecting 5 day view again and tada, the synced events appear.

    recently this hasn't been working. The events i plug into my v525
    phone, will not show at all in outlook calendar, except the reminders.
    I get the popup reminder box for all events that I have synced.

    I have contacted moto support and if i get any reply, I will let you
    know. If you find any fix, could you do the same?



    Windows XP Pro
    Outlook 2003
    Motorola V525 phone
    Bluetooth Dlink DBT-120
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