Can't share internet through Ethernet

Hey guys,

To cut out the chaff I'll briefly explain the situation:

Laptop connects to the internet via its wireless adapter and my wireless router. There are no problems here it's all going fine. My phone and other laptops in the house are all connected to the router with no dramas.
I've currently connected my PC (which has no wireless card) to my laptop via Ethernet cable and allowed all the internet sharing settings with the hopes of using the internet on my PC (I've done this successfully in the past but it's not working now for some reason).
The LAN network is Unidentified and as such won't let a connection pass from laptop to PC.
Used the diagnose function on the LAN network and got this message: "Local Area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration".

Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this, please. My technical know-how when it comes to networking, IP addresses etc isn't all that good but I'm computer-savvy so will be able to follow any instructions. I have access to my routers login and all that if required. A friend of mine mentioned something about DHNC or somesuch but I don't know what all that's about.

Thanks in advance,

- CableDolt
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  1. You can share the Internet connection in the adapter settings page by either enabling ICS (internet connection sharing) in the wireless adapter settings or by bridging the two adapters. One (or both) of your Ethernet connectors needs to support gigabit or else you should use a crossover cable, since gigabit includes auto-MDIX.

    You don't need to have a DHCP service set up between the two Ethernet connections, since they are working in an ad hoc mode.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of how to use ICS as I mentioned in my previous post. I've used my laptop and the same ethernet cable with my PC to use the internet in the past but for some reason it's not working now.

    There is only one Ethernet connection as well, not two. My laptop is connected to the internet via its own wireless adapter and my PC is connected to my laptop via the Ethernet cable.
  3. Well, actually each end of the cable has an Ethernet adapter attached (one in each machine) so there are two, which of course is the limit in ad hoc wired unless you add a hub.

    While you mentioned sharing, I must have missed your being knowledgeable with ICS and its settings.

    Since you have done it before on these two machines, it is likely just an error in the LAN configuration -- I would just delete the ad hoc LAN network and recreate it and re-enable ICS on the wireless adapter of the sharing laptop. You might also want to disable or uninstall Bonjour first as it sometimes acts as an identified network that takes priority over the others.
  4. once you have went into the network and internet and allowed other computers to connect through your laptop you and allowed your desktop to connect through other computers you need to tuen off both systems completely connect your normal ethernet cable or you can use cross over cable turn both systems on and once there done booting into windows give about 5 min to connect and there you go you should have fulll internet access ion your pCs
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