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? Best laptop graphics chip

Last response: in Mobile Computing
January 7, 2003 4:42:14 PM

Hi everybody! I am looking to buy a laptop for both bussiness and home (read: Gaming!!) use. Which graphic chip would be the best? (ATI Mobility 9000 or the new Geforce4 4200 Go??) Will it also be worth the wait until the GF4 4200 Go is freely available, or is it ok to buy the laptop with ati now??

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January 8, 2003 7:22:29 AM

the ATI 9000 is an excellent chip, and ATI has been building mobile graphics processing chips for a little while now... as so, I would trust them more for that matter... Also, the Radeon 9000 is an excellent chip, and some would say (Actually, its true) that it out-performs the Ti4200..

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January 9, 2003 4:05:54 PM

The ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 (M9) is without a doubt an excellent chip, It's the first Mobile GPU with DirectX 8 Hardware support. That being said, without this support, the M9 would be in very close competition with the GeForce 4 Go 460.

GeForce 2 Go 200; 16-32MB; 2.6GB/s Bandwidth; 143MHz GPU
GeForce 4 Go 410; 16MB On chip; 1.6GB/s BW; 200MHz GPU
GeForce 4 Go 420; 16-32MB; 3.2GB/s Bandwidth; 200MHz GPU
GeForce 4 Go 440; 64MB; +- 6.8GB/s Bandwidth; 220MHz GPU
ATI MRadeon 7500; 32-64MB; +-4GB/s Bandwidth; 270MHz GPU
GeForce 4 Go 460; 64MB; 8GB/s Bandwidth; 250MHz GPU
ATI MRadeon 9000; 64MB; +- 6.8GB/s Bandwidth; 240MHz GPU


GeForce 4 Go 4200; 64-128MB; 6.46GB/s Bandwidth; 250MHz GPU
ATI M10. DX9 Hardware compatible, more infomation not known

These have been put in order of their general performance. If you are looking for a notebook to play the latest games on, you should definitely look into the ATI M9. With it's DX8 Support, it will plant you in good stead for upcoming games such as Doom3 which will rely heavily on DX8.

In regards to Benchmarks, The M9 and the GF4Go 460 are very close with the M9 usually winning. The GF4o 4200 has been benchmarked, although it will not be available on notebooks until February or March, and managed to win all the benchmarks except for powersaving. This is no surprise, as unlike the GF4Go 4xx (which is based on the NV17 or GF4MX core), the GF4Go 4200 is based on the NV28 or GeForce 4 ti (4200) core, and has just added nVidia's Powermizer Power saving features. Because it is not specifically designed for notebook use, It is very hot, and very power-hungry.

In Power Consumption tests, the M9 and M7 usually come on top due to ATI's PowerPlay scheme which allows the M9 to run at either it's full speed of 240MHz or at it's lowered speed of 66MHz, and it's memory from 200MHz (400MHz DDR) to 66MHz(133MHz DDR). The GF4Go 4200 can modulate from 250MHz to 25MHz Core, and 400MHz RAM to 100MHz, but because it is such a power-hungry GPU (not to mention AGP 8x compatible) This is not enough for it to compete with the models from ATI.


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