I need some input from you guys for a class project!

www.csansa.blog spot.com (sorry, its censoring the link - am I not allowed to post this?)

I'm doing a project for my Convergence Technology class. We're giving a presentation on something related to that subject and I want to crowdsource an essay about convergence technology, then present the results, whatever they may be. That's the project... let the convergence do it's thing and see what happens.

Hopefully the blog explains well enough what Convergence Tech is. I just got this going today so I need some feedback on whether or not the site is clear enough about what I'm asking folks to do.

There are three layers to this project, which I find fascinating. I didn't realize it all when I had the idea.

First, people share their experience with convergence technology. Result: I find out new ways conv tech is being used
Second, someone else writes the content of my essay. Result: Score! Then I try to edit it into one document.
Third, will it go viral? will it go nowhere? the middle? Who knows. Result: Disappointment, elation, short presentation, impossibly long presentation..

SO! Click the link, post a comment, and share!

EDIT: I changed the layout to an older template. Hopefully this will work better, some folks were having trouble with the brand new one.
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  1. Made some more changes today to try and make the site more user friendly.

    People's responses so far have been pretty lengthy, but all I need is a few words.. just takes a couple seconds to help a poor starving college student out! (ok I'm not starving)
  2. Thats clever, get us to do your work for you, and what do you learn exactly.
  3. Well, not exactly doing the work for me. There's no way that the comments are going to just line up in a coherent, linear way that is suitable for an essay. And the essay isn't the mail goal, the Powerpoint is. The more comments I read, the more it feels like the project is moving in the direction of just being able to highlight and discuss a huge amount of new ways Convergence Tech is improving things for people, way beyond what we were able to brainstorm in class.
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