2gb memory in older laptop with xp, upgrade question

I have an older IBM thinkpad which has 2GB memory installed.
Runs XP fine.
IBM / Leveno have drivers for both Vista and Windows 7.

This laptop will be used to access classes on the Internet, play music and maybe movies.
Lite Word and other Office apps, that's about it.

I know I can fine tune memory usage through services on windows 7 better than on Vista.

But for what I plan to do with the laptop, I am wondering if there is a 'best' option?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. well, if you are planning to game, stay with xp, but general web browsing,watching videos and word processing, upgrade to either home basic or home premium

    Hope i Helped
  2. Hi :)

    It depends WHICH model...if we are talking T40 or T41 age then forget Vista and 7..

    So which model is it ?

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Not sure what your question is, are you asking if you should install 7 or Vista, if that's the case, go with 7 if there are drivers. If you are asking if you should go from XP to either of those, unless you are seeing issues, no need. A good XP setup with no extra fluff (system cleaners, adware, etcc) runs well.
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