Babylon search *** engine

So I downloaded some *** from the internet and babylon came with as a ride along during the installation, And now I can't remove this piece of *** program!

I have removed it from programs and features in the control panel
I have removed the folder from programs and files
I have used regseeker to remove anything with babylon in it
There's no babylon in my firefox extensions folder Or in the firefox extension tab,Yet every time I start FF babylon is my homepage even tho I changed it before I exited FF
I've reinstalled FF
about:config and reset every setting that has something to do with babylon,default search engine,startup home page lalala that crap..

Im seriously considering an fresh install of windows 7 because this *** is driving me nuts
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  1. Go to and download - free of charge - HijackThis. Install it, right click on the .exe file and scroll to RunAs Administrator then and click to Scan only. Tick to remove anything Babylon related and anything else you don't want interfering withthe Internet in the 02 and 03 sections.

    Pay particular attention to the 23 section - anything in there can phone home.

    Restart and if there's still a problem, scan again, this time clicking Scan and Save a Log. Post that log back here so we can see what's going on.

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