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After getting some hilarious shots of my sister sleeping... I've finally decided to buy a new printer. This thing has to be capable of printing photo quality prints. I don't need any extra crazy features that I know many printers have. I am looking for a max of around $275 bucks. I haven't kept up with the printers lately so I am really out of the loop on the subject. Can anyone make any recs?

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  1. You should seriously look at the new Epson photo printers, in particular the R300. It uses 6 seperate ink tanks and has resolution to spare. Not to mention the incredible quality of the Epson prints. I would ignore the reviews you find on Toms though, if you look back at any of them over the last few years you'll find that Alzhou ALWAYS picks the Canon.
  2. Epsons r junk, they have lines, Canon or HP would do the trick, plus they are cheaper to maintain.

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    i have the Epson R300, and i am verry happy wiht it

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  4. that's caz you did not use any other, it's like say I am happy with my 13 inch TV set when there are 50+ out

    but from what pipel say it gouz like this: HP-text, Canon-image, Epson-clogged cartridges.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  5. Hmmm. I never did trust that "pipel" character. I tend to trust in my 22 years of darkroom experience and 7 years digital printing. That and the output of my Epson 1280 and 780. IF you see lines in an Epson print or Canon for that matter, your doing something wrong. Both of these companies photo printers have resolution overkill! I find it laughable that the great digital prints you get at Walmart or Sam's or Costco are done on a Frontier that has 600 dpi resolution! It's just a matter of time before printer reviews go the way of crt monitor reviews. There just isn't any point to it anymore.

    As for clogged cartridges, there's one very simple cure for that, turn it off when your not using it. That's all it takes. Inks dry. You don't leave the cap off of your magic markers now do you? If you want an always on quick utility printer, go to EBAY and buy a cheap laserjet for $25. If you want to print high quality photos, treat your printer like the delicate piece of equipment it is.
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