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I have my Lite-On DVD as the Secondary Master and my HDD as my Primary Master. Both have the jumpers set to master. I tried to set the jumper on the Lite-On CDRW to slave and put it in the Secondary Slave IDE port but the system won't pick it up. I need some help please. Thanks for any help.

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  1. I may be wrong but should´nt the Lite-On DVD be set to slave?
    It is sharing the same channel as the HD and if both are set to master
    it might make the computer a little confused?

    The Lite-On CDRW should be set to Master as it it master on the Second

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  2. OH alright. Let me try this out.

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  3. This is starting to get frustrating. I put the HDD on the first channel in the primary port. Then I put the DVD as slave in the first channel also in the secondary port. Then I put the CDRW as a master in the second channel primary port.

    Then when I went to the BIOS it detects the DVD as a Secondary Master instead of a Primary Slave and it doesn't detect the CDRW at all. I've tried other combinations and I am just lost. Can someone please help!!

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  4. From what I can gather in your posts, you have 3 devices: HD, CD-R and a DVD-ROM.

    Why not try one of these combinations:
    1) Primary Master: HD; Primary Slave: DVD-ROM; Secondary Master: CD-R;
    2) Primary Master: HD; Primary Slave: CD-R; Secondary Master: DVD-ROM;
    3) Primary Master: HD; Secondary Master: CD-R; Secondary Slave: DVD-ROM;
    4) Primary Master: HD; Secondary Master: DVD-ROM; Secondary Slave: CD-R;

    I'm doubtful it'll at all help, but why upgrade the BIOS for your motherboard (if applicable). Also, trying flashing the firmware for your Lite-On drives to the latest revision.

    One last point, although it's too obvious, make sure your jumper settings are correct. Check on the drives for help, and check the drive's websites.

    It might help you out if I give you my layout:
    Primary Master: IBM 80gb; Primary Slave: IBM 20gb; Secondary Master: Plextor CD-R; Secondary Slave: Creative 48x CD-ROM (it's cr@p I know!);


  5. you should set it up as hard drive and dvd on the same channal. if you don't do this then you will get write isues when burning from the device on the same channal as the cdr. e.g cd to cd copying with the dvd and the cdr on the same channal will not coster all your cd's or at best bey very slow.

    -edit: it sounds like your dvd is set as a slave at the moment make sure it is set right-<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by secretninja on 07/26/02 03:22 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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