How to connect wireless dongle to router from PC

hi, i plugged a wireless dongle to my pc which is too far to plug in to my router.
I was wondering how to connect the dongle that is in my computer to my router.
step by step process would be greatly appreciated!

p.s ~ I run on windows 7

Thank you!!
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Windows 7's wireless icon will show in the bottom right hand corner of your screen when there are networks available for you to connect to an dyou need to choose yours form the list. You then need to input the correct wireless security key to be allowed into the router's connection - that's the password that keeps everyone else out and stops them stealing your bandwidth.

    If you don't know it and if it isn't printed on the router's case, here's a link to our Sticky Post on this subject.

    Please post back if you need more advice.

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