When i open my windows, they go into the far right corner

Hopefully you all can help me because i'm starting to freak out. When i open some of my programs, they open off screen, in the far right corner. How do i know this? Because when i click on the opened icons in my task bar i see the window come from the far right corner. At first it started with Google Chrome and then, when i was tinkering around with the screen resolution trying to fix it, my other folders that were open began to do the same thing. So far i all the programs and files that pop up off screen are my documents, control panel, Google Chrome, and my computer. I'm afraid to find anything else that does this. I don't know if it's a screen resolution problem, a glitch, bug or...trojan. I'm hoping it's just a simple problem that i can fix, i have microsoft security essentials so i doubt it would be a bug or trojan. But if any of you have ever experienced this, please help me.
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  1. So you did try to set the display to it's native resolution then? I also use Microsoft Security Essentials and it looks like the most recent update for Spyware/Viruses is version 1.125.372.0

    Have you tried to select the "Run in Windows Normal Mode" in the properties tab of the program you are trying to use? Right click on the icon, choose "Shortcut" tab, Choose "Run Normal Window". See if that helps.
  2. I'm not quite sure how to get to "Run in Windows mode" as i do not see that option in the properties of any of my programs. As far as google chrome goes, i just uninstalled it and then reinstalled and now it's working fine. But my control panel and miscellaneous folders are still doing the same thing.
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