Trouble with DVD Rom and Win 7

Hello guys, I REALLY need some help here if any one knows how to help me out I would be very happy about it. I just built a new computer in January and I am having major trouble with the DVD Rom, This is the 3rd time I have had to replace the DvD Drive in the computer and here is what is going on.

I have a program I use to burn movies, (That I have bought. I am NOT pirating DvD's I can prove I own the Legal paid for DvD's) For my kids to take to their room, I do not give them the bought copy because they will scratch it up and then it will not play. Been down that road a LOT. So I use Any DvD and Clone DvD to burn with. When I built my new computer I put a Asus DVD burner in it and one day while I was burning a new movie we bought, the movie failed and a window poped up that it had failed. So I tried another disk and to my suprise the DVD had fail to read or burn and thing is, it was just like it didn't have a laser. I thought it was weird for a new drive to fail but I said well, they can fail so I bought a new Samsung DvD burner and it worked fine for a while. A few weeks later we had bought the new puss-in-boots movie and I was burning a copy for my kids when the same thing happened. I replaced the drive again with a new one but this Time I bought a Lite-On DvD Burner. It worked fine until yesterday while I was trying to burn a movie using Clone DvD and the same thing happened. This is when I knew something was up.

My computer still will see the DvD burner, it said it is working fine in Device manager, I deleted the drivers and reinstalled them and I replaced the Sata Cable, I have tried to update the driver and it still will not work..... You can see the drive on the computer but it will not read any DvD, CD or music disk. When you try to watch a movie on the computer it keeps saying please incert a disk just like nothing is inside. Today when I turned my computer on this window poped up.

A driver is installed that causes stability problems with your system. This driver will be disabled. Please contact the driver manufactacturer for an update that is compatable with this version of windows.

Driver Tages Protection
Publisher Tages SA
Location Not Available

My computer build is Windows 7 64bit, Asus p8z68-pro MB, 2500K I5 intel cpu, EVGA 560Ti Gpu, 8GB corsair ram. 750Watt Antec PSU.

I have no idea what to do to get my DvD drives back working. Would any one have any idea or even a clue, as to what is going on here? Thank you for your time.
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  1. Tages is a type of DRM. Try updating the driver. Update located here (click on "drivers" located on main website page) -->

    note there is a 32bit and 64bit driver. download and install the correct one.
  2. it might not be the dvd burner..a lot of dvd company may be using something to stop those dvd clone software from copying the movies. on the movies that fail have you tried unlocking the vob files first then burning the dvd?? have you checked to see if the drive firmware is up to date and your using good dvd. dvd-rom dont fail a lot because there so few moving parts. i would see what brand of ps you have and see if you can check the 12v on the molex plug to the dvd drive if the voltage is off it could be burning out the dvd drives.
  3. Thank you for the replys. I downloaded the up date and the drive still does not read anything at all. The drive says in device manager that it is working fine and I see the drives and the drive. It is just like it has no laser inside of the drive.

    As stated in the above post I am using a Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-750 750W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V v2.91 SLI Certified CrossFire Certified 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply. I only use Verbatum DvD's to burn. I am at a lose on this problem but it is causing me to become very upset. I think it is something on the software side but I have no idea what it is or how to fix it.

    I just tried hooking the other NEW drives I had, up to my old computer, they both worked just fine. So it IS some sort of software problem. I really wish someone would have an answer to this problem because I am not smart enough to fix it myself.
  4. Ksan said:
    I really wish someone would have an answer to this problem because I am not smart enough to fix it myself.

    Relax, its called trouble shooting. You're going the DIY route so you have to be patient.

    In the device manager does it list any of the past optical drives you had installed?
  5. Thank you for the reply and help. No sir it does not list any drives but the one lite-on that is in the computer right now.
  6. I can't burn at slower, faster or anything else at all because the drive is dead. It will not read a dvd AT all. A blank one or a movie. Thats the problem, It is like during the burn it just got turned off but it still shows up in device manager and is seen by the computer. It just does not work and their is no way that three drives have went out in a few weeks. Something on the computer is stoping them from working. Thay are not out they work on my old computer, just not on this one with win7. My other computer is Win XP.
  7. Try removing them in Device manager and then rebooting so that they will be auto detected and installed again - could be that the TAGES DRM somehow disabled the drive when it detected it being used to create a copy of a protected DVD.
  8. I just removed the drivers again and restarted, allowed them to reinstall, which they did and still it will not read any disk. I had an idea to try the lightscribe and see if it would work and to my surprise, it worked just fine. So the laser just did a lightscribe cover without any problems but it will not read any DvD's, blank or a movie, or any other disk, It keeps telling me to please incert a dvd when I try. I just do not get it.
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  10. Oh WoW, We are getting closer, You hit it on the head Mr. Smorizio, I think that is it. I have tried the fixes and it still will not work but that one sounds like it has to be it. I am going to look into this one tonight and see what I can do and find out about it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! VERY much!!!!!!!!! I hope I can get it working tonight somehow.
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