How to format win 8 in laptop and install win 7?

I am going to buy a new dell laptop but it only comes with Windows 8 but I prefer to work with Windows 7. I intend to buy a oem win 7 and install it on the laptop.

This is the first time I am using a laptop.

I understand how to reinstall win 7 in a desktop. But for a laptop, I am not sure how to format win 8 and install win 7, I heard there are some recovery partition and I am afraid to mess up something.

For a laptop, is it possible to format the win 8 and install win 7? How to do it? Is there a guide?

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  1. Before anything, you should try windows8, it's really not that bad and there are several mods you can do to make it like windows7.

    To skip the tile crap and get a start button back you can use: ($5 but common windows 7 is $90....)

    If however you really want to install windows7 the first thing you should do is check the website if there are drivers for windows7 and the laptop you are looking to get. Chances are if it is a generic consumer laptop there won't in which case you are best of staying with windows8. If it is a business laptop, chances are good they provide drivers for windows 7.
  2. Some manufacturers offer a downgrade if your windows 8 is the Pro version, you can goto Win7 Pro but if you have the standard version, your going to need to get a new copy.

    When you boot to your windows 7 disc, you should see a couple of partitions, there will be one for the recovery (how its labeled im not sure) but then there will be the actual OS which you will be able to identify based on it being most of the size the hard drive your laptop shipped with. you could safely delete this partition and install the OS. Then if you later on want to go back to win 8, you can give that partition recovery a whirl. hope this helps
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