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I'm running an up-until-now stable K6-3 400 on an MVP4 SuperSocket7 board. I'm thinking of upgrading to about a 1700+ on Asus's A7N266-VM microATX nForce board. I don't use this system for gaming, but downloading and maybe some hosting. My case has a Micro-ATX power supply of 150W. My question is. Will this power supply be enough for my system. I have a 52x Sony CD-ROM, a floppy, 8 GB hard drive, the board, the chip, and no PCI or AGP add-on cards.

Thanks for the tips
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  1. I'd doubt it, but it shouldn't hurt to try. Normally underpowered usually turns into not being able to boot, or rebooting.

    Then again my roommate got a pp303X (300 Watt) to run his Xp1800 system with 3 HD's, geforce 2, etc which according to what I've read shouldn't have worked.

  2. Well, actually ... I appear to have a 200W power supply instead of only 150W. Apparently they were out of fine and sent me the 200W model. It has a "P4 REady" sticker on it. Will this change things ... or is it still more than likely unable to support the board?
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