Third party scsi drivers for win7

I'm trying to install Win7, and it does not recognize my HDD. Please help!
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  1. Does your motherboard BIOS recognize the HDD? If not, you will have to change and save the BIOS settings so it shows in the BIOS.
  2. yes the BIOS shows the HDD, there are actually two installed, master and slave. Both SCSI
    currently running Win2k... hence trying to install Win7 (fresh install); however can't seem to see HDD.
  3. You'll probably need to get Windows 7 drivers for your SCSI card and load them at install time. (Press F6 when Windows starts loading.)
  4. agree, problem is where do I find out what drivers to obtain and where can I download them from???
  5. Look on the web site of the manufacturer of your SCSI card (or m/b if it has SCSI integrated). Alternatively, tell us a few details about your hardware and someone might be able to help - otherwise it's just guesswork.
  6. SCSI adapter model?
  7. Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra160 PCI SCSI Card
    The PC is a compaq evo w6000
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