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does anyone remember the stats in regards to the cpu usage of an audigy vrs a sb live? I wonder if the system would be faster with an audigy because it uses less cpu resources? does anyone have any benchmarks to prove this theory?

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  1. I've seen them in the past and theres a very big difference. One reviewer said that using audio on an audigy almost made sound "free", meaning very little cpu usuage.

    The audigy is a great card for a all around pc thats used for gaming especially, best gaming card imo!
    The cpu utilization probably won't affect fps on modern cpus (until they start to age of course, thats when those little differences can make a lot), but if your trying to get maximum FPS for sure and want EAX3 support then its the card to get.

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  2. Quote:
    best gaming card imo!

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    Audigy is a much lower cpu utilization than SB Live. On the other hand it has higher minimum requirements go figure...the part they leave out is that its only a low cpu requirement in certain circumstances. If your SFX is turned all the way up to max on all settings and your using EAX(any version including HD) its gonna use up some cpu time. Recommend a good p4 or athlon xp for smooth gaming with the Audigy and EAX.


    I like my GTXP better for gaming thank you.

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  3. I once read on a video capture card manufacturers site that while it may be true that the CPU utilization is standard for the Audigy, it hogs the PCI bus by sending zeros during periods of no sound. That's right I said null data not no data. If that is true that really sucks. It was enough to convince me not to buy one. It looks as if they may never relive their glorious 8 bit ISA days.
  4. lol, I think I'll stick with my sound blaster live for now. maybe they'll come out with something better soon. the extigy is even worse for cpu utilization though

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