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I play alot of delta force 2 online and some other games like MOH and Morrowind... I have an xp 1700+ with gf3 ti 200 vid card and 256 mb of ddr2100. Will adding more memory say another 256 mb make a difference in game play?
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  1. perhaps...but i know that it will improve the lag time (by improve i mean decrease the lag time) when you're exiting and/or entering the game...

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  2. With a processor at that speed, another 256MB of RAM should add to overall performance.

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  3. depends.

    in a absolute sense it wont, as the memory access will still occur at the same speed.

    however if currently you are experiencing slowdowns, lag and stutter due to excessive mem usage and subsequent hard drive swap file usage then YES adding more ram will eliminate this issue.

    level loads, game loads and game exits will also go a bit faster.

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