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I wanted to upgrade to a router with some feature sets not readily available in home market. Ran across dd-wrt, because my time (and admittedly, my skills) were limited, I bought one pre flashed.

I installed on home network and things worked great for 2 days. Then Internet dropped, Then wireless dropped, then LAN dropped. Hard resets did not work, had to resort to Factory reset. Then it was 1 day, then it was 17 hours then it was 3h. It is degrading rapidly.

I have not had time to make changes--it shipped with appropriate changes to LAN, other than setting up changes to FW or scripts added. The outfit, who sends me lots of emails to contact them if I need help, aren't responding. And this has been going on for a week now.

Just for that fact alone, I have asked for a RMA. But...I would like to learn a little more about what I can turn on/off in dd-wrt--especially since I am talking about specifically having to do a firmware reset--hard reset useless. I've looked at dd-wrt forum, haven't seen much other than E4200 gets broken with some releases...then someone smarter comes back and says it is the configuration. There is not much in the configuration that has changed that I can see.
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  1. Once you reset the router to defaults w/ a 30-30-30 reset, there's not much more you can do. Like most routers, dd-wrt is designed to work pretty much out of the box and should rarely require changes to function properly. It might just be you have a lemon.

    This is one reason that doing the firmware upgrade yourself might be advantageous. In that case (and something I recommend to anyone using a new router) you can use the stock firmware for a while to make sure the hardware is sound. Otherwise, you’re left to assume it is and blame DD-WRT.

    In that regard, the other option might be to reinstall the stock firmware and see if the problems continue or go away. But I don’t know if that would (ironically) void your warranty/RMA.
  2. Thanks eibgrad...I personally was leaning toward hardware issue as opposed to dd-wrt. But really do need to spend time playing with dd-wrt as well. Just in last week, I am definately impressed with all I can possible do, although I haven't. Kind of reminds me of my introduction to computers in 80s (yeah...I'm old, out of touch too boot.) That virus, pre McAfee even, taught me alot about scripting and processes....but I haven't even attempted to go their yet.

    I wished I had more time to dedicate to this at the moment, perhaps in February (my slow season.) In meantime, I have to go with something that works (but doesn't work great) so I can access VPN on the road. :-( And find a computer still in my existence that has a serial port (LOL...probably the biggest challenge.)

    In meantime, ^5 and enjoy. And thanks for taking the time.
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