I have a WD 30gig 7200rpm HD. When running in Windows 98 Sandra shows 240000kb per sec, but in XP it`s HALF!! I have defraged the drive, checked the cables etc but still so slow. Can anyone help?

Your new hardware is out-of-date
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  1. are you at 16 32 or ntfs? Are you running seprate partitons? and did you know Sandra lied sometimes(!)

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  2. Is the mode set to DMA in the control panel?

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  3. Using fat32 with WinXP only. UDMA is on. Also downloaded Xsetup (a few minutes ago) and played around there. Still pathetic results. Good as a ata66 on Sandra. This is so sad..

    Your new hardware is out-of-date
  4. uh.... in my experience with sandra HDD benchmarks ive found it extreemly sensitive to what is on that drive or partition, and how fragmented it is.

    i.e. 40gb 60gxp i had.
    better than 30gb ata 100 when empty
    significantly less that 30gb ata100 with windows & games
    after lots of use and fragmentation, down to ata66 benchmark levels.

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  5. Sorry to take so long to reply. Let me give you the full story...

    I took my HD out of my old P3 system and installed it in the new one (see specs at end of post). I formatted the HD using fdisk and then later format c: in dos. I then installed Win98se (minimal install) and straight after installed WinXP PRO (complete over-write of Win98se). I then downloaded and installed 4.41 version of 4in1 drivers as well as all ide utilities from VIA`s website. I then defragged the disk. Still cannot get `DMA Mode 5' supported.

    What I`ve checked:

    Bios - enabbled dma support,SMART,large block etc..
    Drivers - this I don`t understand! If I check the driver version under "VIA BUS MASTER IDE CONTROLLER" (under 4.41) it gives me a 2001 date 18 October 2001, 12:00:00 PM and is version 5.1.2600.120. That seems a bit old to me?

    My system spec:

    AthlonXP 2000+
    Dfi AD73 PRO (No Raid)
    2x 128 Micron set to cas 2
    Western digital 7200rpm ata100 30gig-master-no other devices on this channel
    Samsung Rewriter
    Creative 52x Infra
    300w Power Supply

    Can someone help please?

    Your new hardware is out-of-date
  6. What ribbon/cable are you using between the M/B and the drive?

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  7. Tried 3 different cables (all 80pin ata100/ata133). But (if my English teacher saw that!!!) I think I have found the problem...BIOS!!! I flashed to an older bios and I now have full ata100 support. Only now I have to run @ 1xAGP `caude there is a problem with the Radeon 8500!! I E-mailed the ppl @ DFI and asked them to update the bios (worth a try) so maybe in about a year I`ll have a stable operation...probably around the same time I want to upgrade!!! Hahahaha....have to love computers!

    Your new hardware is out-of-date
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