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July 25, 2002 5:40:59 PM

I have a WD 30gig 7200rpm HD. When running in Windows 98 Sandra shows 240000kb per sec, but in XP it`s HALF!! I have defraged the drive, checked the cables etc but still so slow. Can anyone help?

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July 25, 2002 6:00:48 PM

are you at 16 32 or ntfs? Are you running seprate partitons? and did you know Sandra lied sometimes(!)

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July 25, 2002 8:24:31 PM

Is the mode set to DMA in the control panel?

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July 25, 2002 8:54:38 PM

Using fat32 with WinXP only. UDMA is on. Also downloaded Xsetup (a few minutes ago) and played around there. Still pathetic results. Good as a ata66 on Sandra. This is so sad..

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July 26, 2002 2:46:01 AM

uh.... in my experience with sandra HDD benchmarks ive found it extreemly sensitive to what is on that drive or partition, and how fragmented it is.

i.e. 40gb 60gxp i had.
better than 30gb ata 100 when empty
significantly less that 30gb ata100 with windows & games
after lots of use and fragmentation, down to ata66 benchmark levels.

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July 31, 2002 7:31:18 PM

Sorry to take so long to reply. Let me give you the full story...

I took my HD out of my old P3 system and installed it in the new one (see specs at end of post). I formatted the HD using fdisk and then later format c: in dos. I then installed Win98se (minimal install) and straight after installed WinXP PRO (complete over-write of Win98se). I then downloaded and installed 4.41 version of 4in1 drivers as well as all ide utilities from VIA`s website. I then defragged the disk. Still cannot get `DMA Mode 5' supported.

What I`ve checked:

Bios - enabbled dma support,SMART,large block etc..
Drivers - this I don`t understand! If I check the driver version under "VIA BUS MASTER IDE CONTROLLER" (under 4.41) it gives me a 2001 date 18 October 2001, 12:00:00 PM and is version 5.1.2600.120. That seems a bit old to me?

My system spec:

AthlonXP 2000+
Dfi AD73 PRO (No Raid)
2x 128 Micron set to cas 2
Western digital 7200rpm ata100 30gig-master-no other devices on this channel
Samsung Rewriter
Creative 52x Infra
300w Power Supply

Can someone help please?

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July 31, 2002 11:16:50 PM

What ribbon/cable are you using between the M/B and the drive?

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August 1, 2002 1:17:05 AM

Tried 3 different cables (all 80pin ata100/ata133). But (if my English teacher saw that!!!) I think I have found the problem...BIOS!!! I flashed to an older bios and I now have full ata100 support. Only now I have to run @ 1xAGP `caude there is a problem with the Radeon 8500!! I E-mailed the ppl @ DFI and asked them to update the bios (worth a try) so maybe in about a year I`ll have a stable operation...probably around the same time I want to upgrade!!! Hahahaha....have to love computers!

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