Hamachi VPN | Creating Duplicate Data in Shared Folders?

I have set up LogMeIn Hamachi with my Linux server and a few clients. I have also created a simple shared folder on the server which shares with a Windows 7 machine.

I'm a bit confused though as to where the data is actually stored - presumably, because I have created the folder ON the server, and then shared it with the client Windows - the data is written on the server, and then accessed by the client if opened.

What I want is to create 2 copies, and automatically create a local copy of anything I put into this shared 'network' folder as well - so essentially there will be a folder when I can throw things into that will instantly duplicate (I run backup protocols separately of this).

How would I go about doing such a thing?
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  1. None of this has anything to do w/ Hamachi (at least I don’t see the connection yet). And I assume if you're already using backup protocols, you mean things like running rsync w/ cron? So the issue is simply having an “instant” copy somewhere. And where would that be? Another drive? Another machine? The cloud/internet?

    The only thing I know of that would be "instantly duplicated" is a mirrored drive (i.e., two drives using a RAID1 array). And that could be done in hardware or software.
  2. I suppose I might just not understand how data is stored in the 'shared' folder I set up. Basically, I want the shared folder saved locally on both the client machine AND the server machine. So I specifically want the folder saved to the server (in this case, via the VPN).

    So everything in the folder gets written to the local HDD and the server HDD, hence duplicating it.

    Unless - a shared file automatically behaves this way?
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    A shared folder is just a folder that's accessible to all, rather than only the owner of the folder. It provides no duplication of content anywhere.

    What you’re describing is synchronization, where machine X is kept in-sync with another machine (or machines). For that you need something more sophisticated, such as Dropbox ( ). Dropbox creates a folder on every machine which it keeps synchronized no matter where those changes occur. IOW, every machine in the Dropbox “network” is a peer. And while it is available for Linux, it’s limited to 2GB for the free version, and doesn’t use Hamachi (although the connections are encypted, so it doesn’t really matter).

    There are other similar solutions too, such as CrashPlan ( ) which is cross-platform (because it runs on Java) and is (AFAIK) free if you use your own storage.

    If you were running Windows on the server, I suppose you could use something like SyncToy ( ) and run it over Hamachi to keep your clients synchronized similarly. But I’m less familiar the Linux options. As I said before, rsync and cron might be one way. But it gets tricky because you’re dealing w/ cross-platform issues here, and what works on Windows or Linux may not be available/workable on the other.
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