Youtube buffering really slow

ok so i have been having extremely slow buffering on youtube fore like 2 weeks now. i used to be able to watch hd videos with no buffering wait time. now i can even watch 480p without letting it load. i have to wait several minuets even to watch a 12min video is 720p. I have cleared my catch, cookies, and all that stuff. i am using chrome but the problem persists on internet explorer and firefox. i am just clueless. really frustrating.
core 2 quad 1.66ghz
4gb ddr2
500gb hd
nvidia 450gts

any advice much appreciated, thx
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  1. Must determine if it is this machine or your network. You need to either try the machine at a different location or try a different machine at your location.

    You can most likely fix it if it is your machine or if your are really lucky and the network problem is in your router. Most cases like this are too many of your neighbors are also watching video.
  2. it only happens on my computer on the network, and i have the best pc by far. thx for the reply... whats the next step?
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