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Question on PC3200 or PC2700

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July 26, 2002 2:58:08 AM

I have a choice to go with either (515 MB on both) Corsair PC2700 CL 2.0 DDR memory or Corsair PC3200 CL 2.5 DDR memory. I will be using it with a athlon 2200 and asus333 mobo. Which should I choose?

I am a newbie so I don't know what this means:

The PC3200 will operate at 2.5-3-3, 2T command rate at 200Mhz, and 2-2-2, 1T command rate at 166Mhz

The PC2700 will operate at cas latency of 2 cycles 2-3-3 at 1T command rate.

Last Question: what does that mean?

-Thanks for your help

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July 26, 2002 6:05:03 AM

well are you going to overclock?
if so, get the ram that can run higher.
if not, save your $$$ and get the standard PC2700.

if you want to know what the numbers mean, i think the memory FAQ has some info.

for the general noob such as me, i just think of the numbers as memory delays. i.e. the higher the number the more your memory sits around waiting and the slower it is.
low = good!

P.S. good quality ram such as the corsair PC2700 should be able to run at lower latencies as they specify easily :smile:

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