Internet works better as "work network" and not "home network"

I have 2 desktops connected to a router then to a modem.

When desktop A is turned on while desktop B is turned on, the internet goes bad. 0.75 MB/s bad

when I turn off both computers, and turn on only desktop B, the internet is fine on desktop B (29 MB/s).

Then when I turn on desktop A again the internet goes really bad again. However, when I turn the internet on desktop A to "work network" instead of "home network", the internet on desktop A goes to 9 MB/s and desktop B goes back to 29 MB/s.

Why is this happening?
Why does desktop A have lower internet speed than desktop B?

I can't figure this out. please help me

Also after a while, the internet goes back to being slow...
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  1. Explain what is "work network". You very well could have a virus or some other software (bit torrent client?) that is sending data to the internet that you do not know about. If this work network changes firewall rule settings you could be blocking this junk traffic.
  2. After opening network and sharing center, under "view your active networks", it shows either home network, work network, and public network. click on the blue hyperlink to show what the options are.
  3. Most likely just a firewall rule set. Sometime you can define VPN networks for work but this does not sound like your case.

    I would see if you can find any logs in the firewall about traffic it is blocking.
  4. where do I go to look up firewall logs?
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