Can I safely remove this hard drive partition ?

I recently upgraded my HP desktop computer from windows 7 to windows 8. I noticed the computer has two partitions, one which is OS C, the largest one and the other Recovery D.After upgrading to windows 8, im wondering if this partition still makes sense.Can i safely remove it so I can get some more free space, or this can cause problems?
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  1. You can safely remove it. It was to recover the Windows 7 installation, so IDK if it'll even work now that you've replaced it, but even if it did, it'd only recover Windows 7.
  2. I'd assume you could still use it if u wanted back to Win7 because its the PC's OEM installation and key and you purchased a separate key to use so if your sold and no plans on going back, delete it but if you dont need the little space its taking or arent comfortable re-claiming the space, leave it
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