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I have another thread on something else which touched this subject but I really need a straight answer so I'll risk it and make this one. I hope you don't mind and will help me.

The problem is with the readings of Windows Experience Index for 3D Gaming.

A laptop I consider buying has the GT 630M GPU which according to gets an avg. score of 6.1 and a max of 6.7 for 3D gaming. The store says 5.8, though??

According tothe benchmarks of, the GT 630M performs slightly higher than (well, it's placed above) the GT 540M (they are about the same card so that's logic) but the GT 540M reads an avg. of 6.5 and max of 6.7 points.

My brother's "AMD N880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 + ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650" is rated at (the 5650 part) 6.7 avg. and 6.9 max, but it is listed way lower in the benchmarks at So it seems to have low benchmarks but high WEI?

Here's a comparison:

So what's to conclude here. Bechmarks shows one thing, data showes another and the store show a third. I'm so confused... Please help
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  1. Do not go by the windows score, that is a very basic test. You are looking at scores withing a few % of each other anyway 6.7, 6.7, 6.9. There is really no difference. To see a true performance difference between cards outside of a benchmark you need a 20-30% difference.

    What you want to actually ask is "what laptop for this much money for gaming should I pick" and post in the laptop forums.

    Or just look in the laptop forums and check the 30 other posts about the same thing and see what the answers are :-)
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