Wireless HP printer Setup

I am still having difficulty with wireless use of HP printer.
I have a local router here which works well with my HP
laptop computer. I am unable to make the printer work.
The printer DOES have connectivity with a wireless signal.
I now think that I do not have the right DRIVER software
to make the printer go with output files that I want to print.
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  1. How are you trying to connect to the printer? There are two ways. One being wireless directly to the printer which has a very liminted range i.e. bluetooth. The other is by way of your network. The printer connects to you network wirelessly and receives an IP address. You then connect to the printer thru your router via IP. Two very different types of wireless connection.
  2. barry in the printers set up screen did you put in the wifi network password?? if the unit has an one tuch auto set up and you uses it it could have set itself on another local wifi. most wifi printers have install software that goes out and pings the printer it should have said found your model printer (with a ser number or mac number when installing the wifi printer driver.)
    chech under printers that there one that says wifi printer if not look under hp printer icon for printer port to print to and see if there a wifi option.
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    Having set up many HP wireless printers I can say either they go smoothly or can become pain. So how are you installing the printer? Did you use the cd that came with it or did you download the program from the web? Either way first step is the install the software without the printer connected (remove the usb cable as well if it is connected to the computer). During installation the program will ask you to connect the printer via a usb attachment. Once done the install will continue. It will ask you how you want to connect and you will choose wireless. Then it will detect the printer and shortly ask for your WEP or WAP security code. The program will then move on and ask you to remove the usb connection. At this point you should be able to print a test page. If you have done all this and are using win7, look on your network page. If the printer shows as a device you can right click and choose enable.
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  5. Nice to receive relevant answers from fellow IT users.
    I was able to figure out the problem by: Walking away.;
    Thinking the problem through.; Simplifying my approach.;
    Following the wireless setup instructions from HP.
    Wireless operation is through the Router itself. By
    finding all the necessary IDs and passwords,
    the logon process came together.
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