Audigy/Soyo Dragon conflict?

Hey, folks.
I have an audigy and am looking at getting the soyo kt333 Dragon Ultra board. In one review of this board, however, a conflict between the board and the audigy was mentioned. Before I buy the mobo, I was wondering if anyone had any info on this problem that they could enlighten me with. As always, responses are very appreciated.

A quick note on the audigy- there seems to be several negative posts here about it, but I will say that I love the card. It runs great, and Creative's support is excellent. I recommend it to anyone looking for a sound card.


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  1. I have the SOYO Dragon and was running an Audigy Gamer, until I tried the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz for myself to see what all the fuss was about. Now my Audigy Gamer resides in my file cabinet as a fall back soundcard where its going to stay, as long as my TBSC is operational. Unless you've actually tried the two cards, you don't know there is a difference, but there definitely is, and thats hard for a Die Hard Creative soundcard user to have to admit. I also had noticed some sound discrepencies while running the Audigy with the SOYO MB but they disapeared with the TBSC.
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