Hardrive Not Detecting? Whats The Problem?

What's up y'all. Well my problem is i upgraded my motherboard from a Pc Chips M754LMR to an Asus A7S333. I Bought A Western Digital 80GB in December for use with my pc chips mobo. All was good, until i upgraded my motherboard. When i got my new asus, everything was working so perfect, but until i restarted. When i restarted it would not detect my 80gb western digital no more. the drive wouldnt even spin up. Therefore i thought it died, so i got a brand new one from Future Shop under warranty. i took it home, it was working perfect until i restarted again, and it gave me the same problem, not detecting. Well i don't know the problem and how to fix it. But also ever since i got my asus and a 1.1ghz duron with a retail fan my temperatures have been blazing hot. but im thinkin it might be a PSU problem, i have a Generic 300Watts, my +12V line was like 12.74, so i dont know if thats a problem and would appreciate any help. heres my system specs.

Asus A7S333 (5 pci slots, 1 agp slot 4x, 3 ddr slots, onbord sound)
Duron 1.1gz w/retail fan and heatsink
20 Gb Maxtor 5400rpm (Primary Master)
80 Gb Western Digital 7200rpm (Secondary Master)
Panasonic Floppy
Plextor 16x10x40 (Primary Slave)
52X Cd Rom (Secondary Slave)
1 x128mb PC2100 DDR Ram
NIC Card
Trident PCI Video Card ( Going to be replaced with a G4 mx420)
300W Generic PSU (1 exhaust fan)

Any Help would be appreciated on what is the problem. I think it might be my PSU or i need more cooling, but it only seems to be my 80gb failing , thnx n e wayz
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  1. yeah... cheap generic PSU's arnt good news generally.
    not sure if its your problem here though.

    the cpu temp should be ok with the retail fan and heatsink... but have you properly RE-applied thermal paste when you swapped motherboards?

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  2. Well - I assume that you know how to configure the jumpers ect. (no offnce) =) But as you discribes it, it's a very odd issue. I personally don't suspects the PSU to be the problem, as the other HDD, gfx, CD/DVD is functional. I'd try with a bios update (if you don't allreday have done that), and boot with a minimum of hardware 1 CD drive, your OS HDD, gfx, mouse & keyboard - and add the other components one by one, to see if their is any problems (IRQ, DMA, ect.) that your haven's noticed. If this don't helps you gotta come back, then we will figure what to do =)

    btw is the 7,2 krpm disk your OS disk? For better performance your OS disk should be the fastest...imho

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  3. Yes I did Do a Bios Update and i have my Motherboard in Jumper Free Mode, everything was working great until i restart. And i also did disconnect everything and connected 1 by 1. When i tried that, my hardrive detected, but it wouldnt detect with anything else connected. So i do think it is a power supply issue. and my 80gb is my d drive, it is connected as Secondary Master. If you guys have any other advice pls feel free to help out. Thankz alot for the replies.
  4. 1.) I'd suggest that the Western Digital be the Primary Master, and jumpered as such, due to the greater speed of the drive.

    2.) Western Digital drives often cannot be detected correctly by the BIOS if another brand of hard drive is on the same cable, unless the WDD drive is jumpered as Cable Select, which means it should be set as a slave on one of the cables with this jumper setting.

    Personally, I'd make an image of the operating system with <A HREF="http://www.powerquest.com/driveimage/" target="_new">Drive Image 2002</A> or <A HREF="http://www.norton-ghost.com/" target="_new">Norton Ghost</A>, and transfer it to the WDD drive on an active, Primary DOS partition, Next, I'd use FDISK to repartition the Maxtor <i>without</i> an active partition, format it, and make it the Secondary Slave. Then I'd move the CD-ROM to the Primary Slave position, and the CD-RW to the Secondary Master. That should allow everything to be detected correctly, without data loss, or needing to reinstall the OS.

    In the meantime, I'd definitely replace the PSU with something much more powerful, preferably with dual-fans for extra cooling, such as an Enermax, or an Antec TruePower, 430W or better.


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  5. Thnx for the reply, but i had my hardrives and cdroms set up the same way when it was on my pc chips mobo. ever since i got my asus motherboard it was working good until the next day i restarted, then the bios wouldnt detect it no more. but thnx for the replies, keep em comin.
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