[Q] Purpose of network switches and bandwidth improvement

Hello guys and thanks for reading.

I'd like to ask if using a network switch improves the bandwidth of computer?

I'm planning to get a new motherboard as my CPU is dead and the LAN port of that motherboard is 1000Mbps my router have 4 ports of 100Mbps. If I were to get a network switch with 5 port, all 4 ports to the router and one to my computer. Will bandwidth increase? Not internet bandwidth but home network bandwidth.

Replying would be a big help.

Edit : Will the IP binded be the same on the computer? Cause I remember IP given from the router is different for every connection.
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  1. it will still be 100Mb/s because only one network port will be used.
  2. Then what's the use of network switches?
  3. connecting several computers together.

    the only time you would see an increase of network speed using a Giga Switch is when you transfer data between two computers that both have giga network cards.
  4. What I meant is 4 ports to a switch and one port to computer.
  5. it will only use one port not four
  6. It isn't 4x100Mbps?

    If it isn't, what's the purpose of Network switches?
  7. to connect computers together at the max speed of one network port
  8. That's what i meant. All 4 ports from my router to the network switch but only 1 port to my computer.
  9. it does not matter if you connect one cable or four cable from the router to the switch it will connect at max 100Mb/s between the two
  10. Okay... So what does a network switch do exactly?
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