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I have a scsi problem hope anyone can help me. Following are quick spec on my computer:
AMD Althon 1.4G, MSI K7 Master, adaptec 29160n controller card, 9GB IBM U160 10,000RPM HD (C: Windows XP) , 9GB Fujitsu (OEM by Compaq) U160 10,000RPM HD (D: Applications and games).

Once I turn on the PC, it went to Adaptec SCSI bios (I updated to v3.10) It will first detect my IBM HD (Channel 0), than it freeze for about a minutes or almost 2, and my second Fujitsu HD (Channel 1) will show up. Once the windows boot up normally, and I can start doing my work like word, ie, games. Somehow my computer start not function (it stock, or freeze). But after 2-3 minutes of freezing I start heard a hard drive (From Fujitsu HD) spanning noise coming out from my computer than from that point I am able to continues my work. However this situation happen again and again through out the current session, unless I restart the computer. Sometime I even got windows warring message says there is a delay read from my hard drive. Please help~~~

Any suggestions are appreciate,

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  1. is your terminator configured? do you know how to do that? and what number device is the fujitsu on channel 1? also the jumpers, are they configured too? this looks like a hardware issue. so the only thing there really is to do is to make sure every thing is configured right.

    also are you using an adapter? for the pins i mean.

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  2. I think I have my terminator configure (The cable already terminated at the end of SCSI cable). Also in SCSI BIOS i hvae most configuration set to default. SCSI Controller Termination also set to Auto.
    Just an add on note, once I boot my scsi bios shows:
    Slot 3 Channel A ID 0 Lun 0 - IBM
    Slot 3 Channel A ID 1 Lun 0 - Fujitsu (where the slow startup happen)
    For the jumper at the scsi HD, I tried to used the user manual's configuration but it won't work so I had tried all possible ways and finally make SCSI controller to recognized my Fujitsu drive.

    Some solutions I tried before.
    1. I had another new SCSI cable with extra terminator at end but still same problem.
    2. I had tried to swap the channel on both hard drive, Make Fujitsu as first one but sometime it won¡¦t even detect my IBM at all.
    3. Put in two different channels (channel A , B). With two cables connect to each HD, and same thing happen.
    4. It work fine when I only have one hd (either one) installed in the computer.

    Another funny thing is that once I reload the windows, I can work without any problem at all. However after 1-2 months, the same thing happen again the slow delay read on Fujitsu hd.

    Any suggestion are appreciated,

  3. Allow me to address the termination configuration of your HDD's, if I am wrong I'll gladly back out of this post to avoid confusing the issue. You said that the manual configuration didn't work, but sometimes the decussion of termination can get a little confusing. So, this is the way I have my HDD's configured. First of all remember if you have an AGP card installed, PCI slot #1 is electrically the same, so nothing should be in PCI slot #1. It sounds like your SCSI Controller card is in slot #3 which is good, but try just for good measure bus mastering PCI slot #2.

    Now with the termination of your HDD's the HDD closest to the controller, or the first connection on the SCSI-3 cable should be SCSI ID #0 (IBM w/Win XP C:\) your bootable drive. This drive jumper (J2 I think) should not be as the default setting. Remove the term power jumper. The next HDD should be SCSI ID #1 (Fujitsu D:\). The jumper (J2) should remain as default setting (ON), term power on because it is the last device on the bus.

    The Ultra-160 Drives are SCSI-3 and should have the correct cables attached. The Ultra-2 SCSI cables look just alike and should not be used on SCSI-3 drives. So here is a post I made a while back regarding the use of the correct cables. -> <A HREF="" target="_new">SCSI Cables</A> So, see if this helps and let me know.

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  4. I have a simular setup with Adaptec 29160 and two U160 IBM's, it does sometimes take a while for the bios to register both drives but this is only a mater of 10 seconds.

    I am assuming you have both disks on the one ribbon/channel.
    You could try a few things like moving the Fijitsu to the next (3rd) plug on the cable keeping the IBM at the end. Check the jumpers onboard the drives to ensure the IBM is set to "0" and on the Figitsu you could try different positions with that jumper ie. 1,2,3,4, which should be on a sticker on the drive somewhere then set the other jumpers on both to "autospin", I just messed around with these until they worked. Your SCSI bios if set to default should have your controller as ID"7", Slot3 is the PCI slot number the controller is in, auto termination should work, and the Lun# in this case you don't need to worry about.

    If that all fails you could find the user setup documents at IBM and Fujitsu websites. I am re-booting to check my SCSI bios just to confirm a few things.

    Good luck.
  5. It would be interesting to hear how things are going with your setup. Post again.

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