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Ok, so my girl was using my computer, and when I ran a virus scan the next day I got a message saying that there was a virus called smitfraud-c. First, I booted into safe mode with networking, ran Malware Bytes, and it told me that I needed to restart to remove the virus. So, restart, boot back into safe mode, run MB again, and get the same message. So, then I tried to run Spybot Search and Destroy. When it asks to remove the virus and I say "yes" I get a message saying I'm not the administrator. So then, I just say "screw it" and I try to restore from a factory image because I had everything I needed backed up anyway. Go through that whole process, run Malware Bytes again, and get the same message. Another reboot doesn't fix the problem. Ok, so I go to this tech support service I pay for and the guy tells me that its a root.kit and that I need to run a certain tool to fix it. I kind of knew better, but I was getting desperate and ran it anyway. Well, it did something to my partition table cause now when I boot up I get a message saying "Invalid Partition Table". I don't know what to do now.

I'm assuming that if I just go buy another copy of 7, and then tell the computer to boot from the optical drive, reformat the drive, I'll be good to go. Is this the case? I have a Dell Inspiron, so should I buy a Dell copy of Windows 7? I ran the Dell Diagnostics Disk that came with it, and I ran a hardware check, and all of that came out ok. Am I going down the right path here? I could use any help you guys can give me, so thanks in advance.
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  1. Download Kaspersky's rootkit virus killer and run that. Then use MBAM.
  2. price_th said:
    Download Kaspersky's rootkit virus killer and run that. Then use MBAM.

    Exactly what I did. It wiped the partition out. I tried to use a Windows Repair disk I had created, and then do Start Up recovery, and still no joy.
  3. Given what has transpired, I would do a clean install of windows. Since you say you have what you need backed up, you will be in good shape. This sounds like the shortest amount of time to success also :).
  4. If you partition is wiped out, unfortunately you haven't many options. Window 7 new partition method I don't much care for. Never had a virus in XP I couldn't clean. You many want to connect the drive to an external system to confirm you partition is truly hosed. EXTREEM caution, make sure that system is fully up to date with virus protection.
  5. Your partition is probably partly or totally intact. From what you wrote it is the file(s) that tell the system where and what the partitions are. I would buy an OEM version of what ever level of win. you want. I will say it again. After all the time you have already spent a clean install is the way to go. It is also the only way you can now be sure of a virus/malware free system. GL
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