Switch and two computers

Hello guys

I have a access point and that allow one computer to connect into it. the IP address is and default gate way is

computer also require DNS server address to connect Access Point

So I would like to do like as the follow.

Access point - which allowed only one computer to connect (can use internet)

A Switch - which has 8 ports

two computer with 2 network cables

I would like to connect Access point network cable to switch's port 1

another two computers will connect switch's another two ports
two computers IP address are and (configured default gateway and DNS server address)

it is possible IP address computer able to use internet and can that computer able to use share file of computer? it is possible, pls tell me how. I still didn't test it
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  1. I'm not sure what YOU mean by access point. Is this a wireless access point, or are you connected to a router via wire and just calling it an access point?
  2. connected to a router via wire
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