New wireless adapter?

Okay so basically I have a nice 50mbs internet speed from our ISP (Virgin Media) but I'm still using this 5 year old(or so) wireless USB Dongle and basically I want to upgrade because I'm getting POOR speeds.

For example, my friend pays for 20mbs internet from the same provider is directly connected to his modem, he gets
2-3 MB /s download on Steam

I only get 1MB/s max and I'm paying for 50mbs!!

I do know the painful truth that wireless is not as fast as wired, however my room has no cable and the internet is wired into my brothers room so wireless is the only option for me and my mom.

So anyway, my current dongle specs(I read these straight off the dongle case):



802.11g - 54Mbps

So yeah, what do I need to get in order to increase those speeds?(I'm pretty sure the "g" technology is outdated)

My wireless router specs are:
Well I'm not exactly sure but it does say ".388f"

I'm a bit confused also, because sometimes when I hit the 50mbs mark through wireless I'm still getting poor speeds, is this really the best I can get with wireless or will an upgrade help?
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  1. You need a N spec dongle.
  2. is it worth investing in the highest grade wireless adapter so that if I upgrade my wireless router it can manage it?
  3. (edit is disabled?) will it be backwards compatible?
  4. (edit is disabled?) will it be backwards compatible?
  5. omfg, this website is so buggy, it lagged out so I hit refresh and it put 2 replies down, I'm really sorry, if any mod/admin reads this feel free to delete this and the other message
  6. will it be backwards compatible? YES
  7. Use Firefox with the adblock plus and ghostery addons to surf the web quicker.
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