CCTV port forwarding through modem and router?

Hello, I am trying to get the remote access working on one of those cheap CCTV systems and have grown weary of troubleshooting. I had hoped some of you could help me.

Let me tell you where I left off with my still non-working configuration.
As it stands, I have a Westell Verizon DSL Modem/Router, set to Routed-Bridge mode, with the Static NAT set to the WAN IP of my Belkin router ( I have port forwarding set up on both the modem (DVR-web to port 81, and DRV-Media to port 9000 both pointing to the Belkin WAN IP, (again, I've tried removing the port fowarding on the Westell after adding NAT, but no difference.
I also have port forwarding on the Belkin Router (port 81 and 9000 pointing to, which is the static IP of the DVR).....but still no go. I can't get the little NetDVR app to login into the camera through an internet IP (works fine through LAN though).

I can see that ports 81 and 9000 are both open through the internet.

What am I missing here?

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  1. it looks like you need to also due a port forwarding on the modem
  2. Oh F**K this thing. I went home and tried logging in with my laptop and it works perfectly. For some reason I couldn't log on through my work PC, but it works fine from home. 2 hours of tinkering wasted. Well, I'm happy it works now, but seriously...screw this thing sideways.

    Thanks anyway,
  3. For anyone else running into a brick wall with CCTV port forwarding, make sure that you're not testing your internet connectivity while connected to the LAN/WiFi network that the CCTV is on. I've tested this a lot since then and that was the issue I was having.
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