Can hook computer up to modem but not with a router

I had a modem blow during a thunderstorm. I bought a new one when I try to hook up to the internet. I can't if i hook the laptop directly to modem it is fine. but when i try to add the router no luck. I even went and borrowed a different lap top to make sure it wasn't my lap top having registry or interal errors. I am lost and my boys are going insane cause they can't get on xbox live - HELP
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  1. Is the modem connected to the router over the router's WAN port?

    When changing devices connected to the modem, make sure you always power off the modem for about 10 mins, then power it back up. Also, do a factory reset on the router (while powered ON, hold the reset button for 30 secs, then release).

    Btw, is this a cable, dsl, fiber (FIOS), or cellular modem?
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