Does my router support NAT-PMP or UPnP IGDv1

This is seeming impossibly difficult to figure out.. I have a DIR-655 router and I'm trying to set up Screens Connect which states I need NAT-PMP or UPnP IGDv1 on my router.. I can't find out for sure where it says it does or doesn't... though I was under the impression that it did.

When I load up Screens Connect though it says 'Port mapping unavailable. Check network or router settings" I dno if the fact that I find no specific mention of these features means the router predates them so it's not mentioned.. but really I feel like I remember using these at some point.

So where in my admin dashboard for the router do I make sure they're turned on or that they don't exist
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  1. Let's just say for the sake of argument your router doesn't support these protocols (I think it probably does, but let's put that aside).

    All it requires is port forwarding 5900 on your router! In fact, they provide a link to alternate instructions on the same Screens Connect page.

    It happens to be a Mac, but the concepts are the same for a PC. You’ll want a static IP for the intended target machine. And you‘ll need a DDNS (Dynamic DNS) hostname. You can use the DIR-655's DDNS client to keep that hostname updated. You don't need a separate DDNS client as described in those instructions.

    Yes, UPnP make it a smidgen easier, but it’s not a requirement, and you need to take care of those other issues anyway. All UPnP does is save you ONE STEP, the port forward of 5900. So handle it manually for now and deal w/ the issue of UPnP later (you may decide not to when all is said and done).
  2. thanks a lot.. i missed that link...

    Part of the problem may be that my pc does not show up on the router's list of connected devices..

    Well router reboot and now it does.. but no love yet. I suppose I will have to approximate that whole setup process outlined on that page.. :/
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