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Hey guys,

So I finally got around to getting my password security protected (yay!). Only problem, now my wifi is acting up. I used a WPA encryption and my internet has become very slow and sluggish on my laptop, phone, playbook and PS3 (the wired connections are still okay). It cuts in and out and I don't understand why. I was thinking that maybe multiple devices keep receiving the same ip address or something. Anyways, internet is really choppy, and I can not skype video call on my laptop anymore (I could do so seamlessly and lag free prior to the change). Video stream can get choppy, and online gaming is a no go. I tried hard resetting, but when I go to my router's address, nothing is changed ie router password is the same, wireless network password is the same. I was wondering, anyone have a fix? I have a d-link DIR-615 router.

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  1. ferny111 said:
    I was thinking that maybe multiple devices keep receiving the same ip address or something

    That is not the case. you did not mention how fast your internet speed was. have you tried turning your router off and on again?

  2. Try temporarily dropping the security level to WEP and use a different code - ten mixed characters between 0 and 9 and a to f will do. Your PS3 would have to be quite young to be able to join a WPA protected network, I believe.

  3. I have tried using WEP, WPA2, and hard reset. Sadly, it seems while I was out, the power went out twice in a row. It then went out a third time today and completely destroyed the poor thing(served me well for 4 years...though a couple firmware updates made the experience a little sour). It won't even boot up anymore. Guess I am shopping for a new one. Any recommendations?
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    Adding encryption to a connection that did not have it, will drop the speed. Plus the distance to the router matters.

    Since you need a new router, I like the Netgear RangeMax line. Depending on what you need, some models have USB ports for storage sharing, printer networking, some other features.
  5. Well, the router was about 1.5 meters away, so it probably wasn't distance. In addition, the router could not be reset and there was no means to remove the password. Anyways, I have no experience with any NetGear routers. I will have to do some research, but thanks for the recommendation. I am looking for a router to go through 2 floors/ceilings (2nd floor to basement), able to give out a decent throughput and about 40-70 dollars.
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