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hi community,
Not sure if this is the right spot but, I recently tried using my computer and it keeps giving me the error "windows cannot find (filepath) make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again" and apparently im not administrator anymore and i cant open anything but google chrome help!
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  1. You might have a virus. Run Malwarebytes free or Superantispyware free.
  2. i cant run any of them because it displays the error message when i try to run it. so i have now flattened the system all i could do.
  3. Have you tried booting to a last known good configuration?
  4. the last known good configuration was right after the signs showed because i never new how to make a restore point till now.
  5. If you have Malwarebytes installed, locate the mbam.exe file and change the name to, then run the program.

    If you don't have Malwarebytes installed, download it with another computer on to a flash drive and follow the above instructions.
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