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I'm trying to set up my first wireless router/modem. I have a Sager np7650 laptop. The router is a Netopia 3347. I have three wireless network connections: an Intel WIFI Link 5100 AGN and two Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniports. All three of them are indicated as "Not connected" when enabled, yet working properly according to the Configure tab in the "Properties" screen. According to my Sager user's manual, I should be able to toggle power to the Wireless LAN Module, but doing so doesn't change anything. Should it? Do these wireless connections have anything to do with my unsuccessful setup atttempts? Is there anything else that should be attended to?
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  1. you are going to connect to your wireless network with the Intel WIFI Link 5100 AGN. the wireless lan module must be enabled. you should then see the wireless networks available including your own.
  2. nhasian,

    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I need remedial help. I don't what or where is the wireless lan module. I uninstalled the Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN and rebooted, but nothing changed. Enabling the Intel My WiFi Technology connects one of the two Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapters, but not the 5100 AGN, and it doesn't give me an internet connection. When I diagnosed my wireless hardware and connection using the Manual Diagnostics Tool in the Intel PROSet/Wireless Tools, the tests fail at the Association Test. Reading the Help Page for troubleshooting the Association Test was, for me, too technical to understand.

    As for eventually seeing my wireless network, do I have one now that is simply unseen, or must one be created?
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