Cant connect to bf3 for more than a few mins

via one of my friends having an issue with connecting to a variety of games for more than a few mins:

Hey guys, having an issue with bf3
When I join a game after about 5 or so minutes of play I get kicked out of the game and it throws this error "Game disconnected: your connection to the server timed out."
If I attempt to re join a server the game then throws this error "Game disconnected: could not join server."
The only way to play anoter 5 minutes is to restart my computer.

Furthermore I have fios and a bigfoot killer 2100 NIC so pleanty of internet speed and low ping. Thanks again


CPU: i7-2600k
GPU:2x GTX480
RAM: 16GB corsair vengence
Bigfoot killer2100 NIC
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  1. TESTED: everyworks when i plug it into the normal ethernet port rather than the bigfoot, however some games work some dont and ive already returned the bigfoot to see if that worked but it doesnt so i guess its some setting with it?
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