Can you connect two routers to one telephone line?

I have recently moved in with my parents into a 3 storey house and am having difficulty with the internet.

Currently there is a wireless router on the bottom level, my parents are against moving it as that is where the study is. on the middle floor there is kitchen/living. then upstairs is my bedroom, there is a telephone line in my room.

My question is there anyway that you can connect two modems to the single phoneline? as in have the original downstairs and a new one upstairs connected to the same internet?

Is there a solution?

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  1. I don't think that will work as only one IP address is assigned to that line, therefore only one router can use it as a WAN address. Your ISP may be able to offer help.

    Sorry, I misread the original post.
  2. Unlikely you connect 2 routers to the "phone line" that goes to the telephone company.

    The trick would be if you can rewire things to use the phone wire as ethernet cable. You would connect need to find a way to run a wire between the 2 routers LAN ports.

    If the house is newer you may have 4 pair cat 5 cable already. If not all you really need is 4 wires. Even on old telephone wire it is still likely you could get it to run at 10m.
  3. The best solution would probably be to use a pair of powerline adapters, one near the router, the other on the third floor, thus using the power lines as a bridge. You could then patch a wireless router in AP mode to the upstairs powerline adapter and create a local wireless hotspot.

    [wireless router]<-- wire -->[pl-adapter #1](ac)<-- power lines -->(ac)[pl-adapter #2]<-- wire -->[wireless router – ap mode]<-- wire/wireless -->

    IOW, everything in BOLD is a substitute for an ethernet cable.

    In this setup, the second wireless router doesn't need to be anything fancy, but for good performance, I wouldn’t use anything less than 500Mbps rated powerline adapters.
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