Need help to find out wich driver are useless (Motherboard.)

Hi , I have an Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 and there's a lot of driver for it ... I would like to know if they are usefull or not or simply if something is really not recommended ( This Pc is for gaming .)... Thank for helping me . :D

Driver list:
-Realtek high definition audio driver
-CIR receiver
-INF driver
-Intel Management Engine driver
-Intel Rapid Start driver
-Intel Smart Connect driver
-Broadcom Lan driver
-Lucid Virtu
-ASMedia SATA3 Driver
-Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver
-ASMedia USB 3.0 driver
-Intel USB 3.0 driver
-VGA driver

-ASRock 3TB+ Unlocker Utility
-ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility
-Instant Boot
-Intel Rapid Start Utility
-Intel Smart Connect Utility
-THX TruStudio
-ASRock XFast LAN Utility
-ASRock XFast USB Utility

Link :

Full config:
Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
I5 2500k
GB 7870 OC'
Kingston 16 (4x4) non ecc 1600 Dimm
OCZ Vertex 3
Antec HCG 620 W
OS: W7 Ultimate x64

Btw Sorry im terrible in Engrish (wich ... Which .)
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  1. No one know ? :(
  2. The answers are in the Motherboard manual. Read the description for each one, decide whether you are going to use that feature and act accordingly.

    Ya want sound ? ..... install the audio driver.
    Ya want RAID ? ..... install the RAID driver.
  3. well, i am not certain what you are trying to achieve.....looking at that list i would say the vga driver is useless, seeing as the 7870 has its own drivers.....but it would come in handy if the vid card dies. i do not understand why you need two usb drivers, but i dont know enough to do anything about it either. you could probably turn off the 3TB loader, til you get a 3TB drive
  4. I just didn't wanted to install useless driver that would load with windows and slow my pc for no reason ... Its not the driver i want to install its just the recommanded driver list for my Motherboard and i dont know many of these program ... but well like humphrey said ill just read the MB manual but it dont speak about all of these and most of the time i see MB feature that slow down computer... or other like intel rapide respond which is really bad i heard ....
  5. yeah i was wondering if intel rapidstart is worth it or the asrock xfast ram is worth enabling and what about the asrock instant boot? good bad? any conflicting?
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