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Windows 7 64bit on a HP Laptop

I have a Elitebook 8530w and would like to install Windows 7 RC. I went through microsoft, downloaded RC and used PowerISO to burn the iso to a disc. Since I have XP 32bit, I cannot upgrade right from XP, so I have to do a full, clean install. I put the disc in, restarted my computer set the BIOS to boot from Upgradeable Drive (which I assume is the CD/DVD drive since there is no selection for CD/DVD drive). I also put USB CD drive as second just in case that is the actual drive. When the system begins to boot up, it says "initializing and establishing link..." then goes straight to XP, does not even ask to boot from CD/DVD. I tested the burned CD/DVD on my desktop which has Vista Business didnt work when I set the boot order to CD/DVD but it did work when I opened the setup file within Vista.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

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    Do you have a flash drive or memory stick to try this with? You can vreate a bootable Windows 7 mem. stick to install 7 with.
  2. I actually tried my external hard drive because there is a bootup option to boot from a usb hard drive. Although, I am not sure if I am doing that correctly. I used PowerISO to access the files on the iso and copied all of them over to my external. Is there anything else I need to do in order to make sure it boots and loads the files properly from the external?

  3. Anyone have any ideas?
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