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Hey everyone having a little issue with a friends laptop. pretty much it doesn't connect to the internet i have plugged in a Ethernet cable and it doesn't connect and the computers wireless adapter or the Ethernet adapter don't come up on the network connections page its like the don't exist however when you go to the device manager page the adapters come up. I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them and nothing. in the device manager page however one of the devices Wan miniport (IKev2) has the yellow symbol beside it. i searched up information on the wan minipport and form what i have read it shouldn't cause any issues with anything. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Check to see if your friend has a 3rd party software firewall installed (Norton 360, McAfee, etc.) and if so, uninstall it. Sometimes firewalls will cause connectivity issues. What OS is your friend using?
  2. Hey ty for the reply, i uninstalled the firewall he was using bitdefender but the issue persists. The laptop runs windows 7 64 bit
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