Stuttering in wireless connection / Lag spikes

Hi everyone, I've run into a problem I've never experienced before and came here hoping someone knows what's going on.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new wireless router (DLink DIR615) and a new wireless adapter (DLink DWA525), I installed the adapter in my computer and set up the router in the spot previously occupied by the old one and the connection was up and running in no time. Up to this point everything was going well, but a couple of days later the stuttering started, every 5 minutes or so my ping spikes from the [100,200] range to the [600,1000] range for about a second, then goes back to normal.

Has anyone experienced this before or has any ideas on how to fix it??

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  1. Disable wireless security for a while and see if the problem subsides.

    NOTE: I realize it's not a long term solution, I just want to see if it's a problem w/ WPA/WPA2.
  2. Will do, I'll post again after some testing
  3. No Luck, just played some TF2 after disabling security, the issue is still there.
  4. The fact you changed routers naturally lead me to believe the router was the problem, and presumably you too. However, re-reading your original post, you actually said everything was fine for a couple days, and then the problem started. That makes me wonder if changing routers was just a coincidence. And maybe it's a problem upstream, either the modem or the ISP.

    So try connecting the PC directly to the modem. If the problem continues, then we know it's not the router and more likely the modem/ISP. If the problem stops, reconnect the router to the modem and try a wired connection from the PC. If the problem stops, then it probably is a wireless issue.

    IOW, narrow down the culprit by systematically isolating the modem and router (both wired and wireless).
  5. That did come to mind, but was too much of a hassle due to the placement of the modem and the computer. I'll try to find some time to test it during the weekend (or sooner, I hope).
  6. I connected my computer directly to the modem provided by my ISP and the problem was (almost) gone, I had one lag spike in a 2 hour gaming session. I'd say that means the router is the problem. I'm going to disable every service the router has (QoS, firewall, etc.) to see if the problem dissapears. Will post results.
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