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Hello everyone. I am building a new computer this week, using all new parts minus the hard drive. The hard drive currently has XP on it, but I want to wipe it and put windows 7 on it. I am a student so I will be using the online site (digital river or something like that) to get it. Now my question is when is the right time to change over? If i buy it and install it while its still on my older computer, when I move to the new one wont it make me activate it again due to hardware changes? Is my best bet to get the new computer put together, and up and running on xp then go ahead and wipe the drive and switch to windows 7? Thank you for any help.
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  1. MS will require re-activation of you load Win7 on your existing system and then try to transfer the HDD to the new system, and I believe the version you plan to download is an OEM version, which cannot be transferred to another system. So build the new system first, then install Win7 on the new system.
  2. I believe the student version from Digital River is an upgrade.
    You will need the image version of W7 so you can burn it to dvd, not the EXE as you will have to do a clean install from XP for the upgrade.
    Burn your W7 image to dvd before you dismantle the old computer.
    Seeing as a clean install is required, I would build the new computer and connect the old drive, DO NOT try to start it up in XP.
    Set bios to boot from cd/dvd first. Insert your W7 disk, start the W7 instalation go to custom install and select your old drive. Windows should detect the XP instalation and start the install, then put your old XP instalation into a Windows.old folder which you can delete later.
    For more information on upgrading from XP:

    Don't forget to backup what you can't loose.
  3. Okay, so you are saying to build the new computer with the old drive still holding windows xp. Then have a dvd/flash drive containing the burned ISO image ready to go. Then start up the computer and boot from that dvd/flash drive?
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