Connect Prolink P204H and cisco 1841 router together

connect Prolink P204H to Cisco1841 router
Prolink IP
Cisco 1841 IP FE0/0


Can't connect internet from Prolink router
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  1. what is the gateway and DNS address on the Cisco for FE0/0 and FE0/1
  2. Prolink Router was connected to internet.

    i want to connect from PC IP through Cisco FE0/1 . in Cisco 1841 doesn't has getway and DNS
  3. I am confused as to how you want to hook this up

    Internet -- prolink ---fe0/0(1841)fe0/1--pc

    Or did you want the 1841 to be your primary internet router with the prolink behind it.

    In any case a cisco 1841 is a commercial router which means it has many more options than a home router so it requires you to configure which to use.

    To get a gateway and a DNS you can either manually enter them or you can set one of the interfaces to learn this via DHCP just like a PC would. To use DHCP to learn this you put in IP ADDRESS DHCP on the interface.

    You more than likely will need to have a NAT configuration on your router also.
  4. I want to hook up like below mention order

    Internet -- prolink ---fe0/0(1841)fe0/1--pc
  5. You need to either hard code the dns and default router or you need to change fa 0/0 to run DHCP. You then must put a NAT configuration in or you must make your prolink router route the block to the cisco
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