I've reset my router and now I can't recieve packets...

Hello, this is my first post, so sorry if I misspell anything or not give enough information. I'll try to do my best though.

So here's the thing, I was trying to port forward my router for a game server which I wanted to host, but when I reset therouter, it just had two light blinking on it. The one blinking constantly are the "Power" and the "Ethernet". The rest which are not blinking are "Wireless", "Phone 1", "Phone 2", "Broadband" and "Internet". It has never happened to me before. My internet supplyer is a company called "Elion", which is bad because they do not work in the town that I live in anymore. I am really clueless on what to do right now. I've tried changing the IP adress and the DNS servers in the "Internet Protocol"settings. They look like this without me changing anything:

I have an idea that I would need to enable my DHCP, but I don't know how to do it.
And this is how it looks when I enter all the rest of the info:

But still, no packets recieved, only sent ones!

The router I am using is Thomson TG784.

if anyone, and I mean anyone has had some sort of simular problem to me, please tell me what should I do.

- Thanks.
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  1. By reset the router, do you literally mean you held the reset button for an extended period to return it to its factory defaults? Or did you simply reboot it?
  2. I pressed the reset button on it and held it for 7 seconds to reset it factory settings.
  3. Hmm, I’m not sure why it was necessary if you only needed to add port forwarding. Because now you'll probably need to reconfigure the modem portion of that device to get the DSL connection reestablished . Minimally, that means making sure the WAN is configured for PPPoE and has the correct username/password.

    That's why you have to be a little extra careful when resetting a DSL modem+router. When you first get it, most likely the device has already been configured by the ISP. And now after resetting it, you're forced to get it reconfigured yourself. Not an impossible task by any means, but something that would be best avoided, esp. if networking is not quite your strong suit.
  4. Yea, I regret that I fiddled with the router now...

    Is there some sort of a tutorial for this?
  5. One thing that’s odd is that your modem+router is not providing an IP assignment to the Windows machine. That 169.254.x.x IP address is because the Windows machine is attempting to issue a DHCP request, then fails because it can’t find a DHCP server. But if you’re connected to the modem+router, even if the Internet connection is not configured properly, you should still be able to get an IP address from its DHCP server.
  6. Shetch said:
    Yea, I regret that I fiddled with the router now...

    Is there some sort of a tutorial for this?

    Well you'll have to minimally get connected to the modem+router before you can configure it. That's why I'm concerned about DHCP apparently not working.
  7. From my understanding, the DHCP is the IP adress that coneects to my router?
    I entered it as, the Power and Ethernet light started to blink more rapidly. Would that be a sign of it connecting to the Router?

    EDIT: I think the actually isthe correct one, I can remember me fiddling with the internet settings before resetting the router.
  8. DHCP is a service provided by the router. The router typically has a default, static IP assignment of its own, say It then runs a DHCP server that hands out IP assignments to other devices from a predefined block of IPs (say, through When your PC is configured for DHCP, it makes a network request to that DHCP server, which then returns an IP address from that block of IPs and which your machine uses to configure itself properly.

    It’s all pretty much designed to work properly, by default. But if you start messing w/ it, perhaps reconfiguring the router or your Windows machine’s network configuration, it might not work.

    That IP address in those upload images is a classic result of having DHCP enabled on the Windows machine, but not being able to reach the DHCP server of the router. In frustration, the Windows machine just assigns itself an arbitrary IP in the 169.254.xx.x range just to keep things moving along. But it is, for all intents and purposes, not a workable IP address. You need to find out why you can’t get connected to the router over DHCP. Use a wired connection for now.
  9. The main problem is that I can't use the modem that i'm using now.
    Mainly because I might have my internet shut down by my provider.
  10. Okay, seems like I've found my router's IP adress.

  11. If DHCP doesn't work, try manually configuring Windows w/ a valid IP address (e.g., and mask, then see if you can reach the router's UI ( ).

  12. Okay, it looks like this now.
  13. No, you want your IP address to be something other than, that belongs to the router. Yours should be perhaps be

    IP Address: << your IP
    Default Gateway: << router IP
    DNS Server: << router IP
  14. Alright, I set it up as you said, but once I connect to, the connection times out.

    So the site exists, but I jsut can't connect to it quick enough.

    Does the fact that I have the DSL wire plugged in change anything?
  15. You could try it w/ and w/o the DSL phone line plugged in.
  16. Okay, I've connected to through my old modem, I have all the PPPoE information.
  17. I tried it both ways, with and without the DSL line plugged in.
    Doesn't work....

    In case i do get access to my router, I just need to enter all the PPPoE information and I'm ready to go?
  18. I can't say that with absolute certainty since I have no idea what other configuration changes your ISP may have made, but it's certainly the minimum you'll have to do.
  19. Seems like I'm in a LOT of trouble here...
  20. Why not contact the ISP tech support and find out what to do, esp. if they provided the modem+router and configured it initially. You can't be the first person to have reset the device! They may even have instruction on their website, perhaps under troubleshooting or FAQ.
  21. Yeap, I called them up, they might give me another router for free...
    Thanks for the help anyways. ;)
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