Creating a network off a hotel wired connection

Hey guys - the title says it all.

I'm currently staying at a marriott in NYC and at night after work the wireless access becomes awful. As a work around I've plugged the ethernet into my apple airport express and launched my wireless network as usual.

Things are all fine and dandy for the first hour or so of browsing or watching netflix. But then it seems to lock up and I lose connection. I haven't seen any caps on data transfer that would explain it but is there something else I should be looking at? The fact that it works (albeit for a limited time), is a good sign I think. I'm mostly using it for my ipad to watch netflix etc.. any thoughts? I've renewed my lease and restarted the APexpress with no luck too
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  1. Perhaps the hotel does have caps, or maybe wants you to re-login after a certain amount of time. But if all you're doing is connecting your own router/AP into the hotel's ethernet port, there's not much to explain the lockup. So once this happens, can you get it restarted again, even if it requires a reboot of the router, or are you pretty much done for the night?
  2. I think done for the night it looks like, but i can't even get the hotels wireless login screen to pop up either. i'll have to read it more closely next time to see if there is a limit
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